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The meaning of recycling and re-purpose is very close to our hearts in Garden Tales.
That is why we always try to find new clever ways to use our empty marmalade & candle jars together with our beautiful cardboard boxes!

An easy-to-follow recipe for crumble cake with Garden tales Plum Jam! This cake looks and tastes absolutely delicious with our plum jam.

An easy-to-follow recipe for Doughnuts with Garden tales Plum Jam! These Doughnuts look and taste absolutely delicious with our plum jam.

Are you hosting Christmas Dinner this year? Here is a beautiful, airy and delicious dessert that your guests surely won’t forget!

Buttery, elegant, and absolutely delicious! Linzer cookies are a great choice to pair with your afternoon tea.

This new recipe for Baked camembert and blackberry jam takes less than five minutes to prepare, and the result is so delicious and festive!

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