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Let the sweet aroma of our organic Oak honey fill your kitchen with this cake recipe! Our Oak honey has a deep earthy flavor that is rare, unique, and ideal for all your food combinations! Read the full cake recipe

“Suzette” crepes or the… “accident” of a crepe! One of the most beautiful and delicate desserts of French Cuisine, a truly delicious dessert with a wonderful aroma and taste!

Christmas is a time for gathering with family and friends, and the best way to celebrate it is with a festive and delectable centerpiece for your table! This Christmas Brioche Wreath with Garden Tales marmalade is a traditional European treat that adds elegance to your holiday table!

The rich, creamy cheese flavors are beautifully complemented by the sweet and tangy notes of our marmalade, and the rich and nutty flavors of fresh walnuts, perfectly baked into a soft and fluffy loaf, will give your guests the ultimate culinary satisfaction!

Just imagine the taste…Our sweet Plum jam on melted baked Brie wrapped in buttery puff pastry! You must try this recipe

This delicious Gorgonzola & Garden tales fig jam tart is not only striking in appearance but also comes together super quickly, especially if you decide to use frozen pastry.
Just imagine serving this gorgeous tart up at your next get-together!

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