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The meaning of recycling and re-purpose is very close to our hearts in Garden Tales

Try out, our new recipe for this vanilla layer cake with apricot and blackberry jam and salted caramel sauce

This new recipe for frozen yogurt barks takes less than five minutes to prepare, and the result is so delicious and refreshing!

Buttery, elegant, and absolutely delicious! Madeleines are always a great choice to pair with tea or as a treat after lunch. And of course, when they are served with Garden Tales apricot jam!

We have created for you the best appetizer for your next party, served with our new Garden Tales fig jam! Our easy-to-make, flavorful combo is caramelized onions with fig jam placed on a crispy baguette!

This Italian crostata with apricot jam, is delicious and extra aromatic, and your guests will think you went through a lot of fuss to prepare it for your Easter Dinner.

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